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Travelport Smartpoint

Let’s face it. You didn’t choose to work in travel to spend your time carrying out repetitive, manual tasks. Travelport Smartpoint is here to help. It gives agents more choice, greater selling potential, and more time to dedicate to what you love: delighting the traveler.



Unleash your selling potential, with Smartpoint. The platform gives you access to more travel products and services — creating more choice for your customers, and more value from every trip. We do the heavy lifting, consolidating data from multiple sources, so you don’t have to.


Smartpoint eliminates tasks that slow you down, impacting the customer’s experience. Within one tool you can search for, compare, book, and modify trips. It also offers a range of desktop plug-ins making things like refunds and exchanges faster and smoother.


Trips are more profitable when you add ancillaries. Smartpoint creates opportunities to do this. It simplifies complex airline products — so you can understand and compare them, without focusing solely on price. The bottom line? You earn more, while satisfying agents and customers.


You can set Smartpoint up just how you like it. Agents can pick from different settings, allowing them to work the way that feels most comfortable. The platform supports both cryptic and graphical views, and you can even toggle between these options as you work.


Customers come to you for travel insight and advice that they can’t reliably find themselves. Smartpoint equips you for these conversations and helps you sell more, with:


  • Access to the world’s airline, hotel, and car rental suppliers
  • Support both cryptic and rich graphical interfaces
  • Personalized workflows and plug-ins
  • Simpler, faster refunds and exchanges
  • Rich hotel retail tools, including maps, pictures, driving and walking directions, among many others
  • Real-time Covid-19 updates on local restrictions
  • Access to NDC content

Travelport has always been more flexible and easier to talk to than some of the other competitors in this space

Eric Hall
Senior Manager,
Strategy and Relations at Southwest

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